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Motorcycle Fair!

January 27, 2014

Incredible – all of a sudden it was the end of January and time for the motorcycle fair in Gothenburg (next year it will be in Stockholm again).
Here are some impressions of the fair (please follow the link if you want to see all pictures).

DSCF9356Shiny new toys …. :D


This is what a moose/ an elk can do to a rider. Let’s hope none of us ever has to encounter one of these long-legged guys while riding… Unless you are on a mini bike. Than you just have to time the drive-through between the loooong legs ;) . Apropos mini bikes, follow the link and take a look at more of these happy faces!

DSCF9491 DSCF9503

And yeah, well, I suppose this is what they mean with “Biker Prayer” at the end of a long and intense day at the fair… ;) .


Guzzi vs BMW

January 22, 2014

Just in time for the motorcycle fair I came across this picture on a German forum. Don’t say Germans don’t have any humour!
“Look, a Guzzi with hanging boobies!”

Merry Christmas

December 25, 2013






…and a Happy New Year from everyone in the garage. Cheers!

Billy Joel explains Moto Guzzi

December 23, 2013

Quite fun to find a video where one of my favourite artists explains my favourite motorcycle brand AND mentioning that his first Guzzi was a V50, bought in the late 70′s. Has to be shared. Watch & enjoy.



February 3, 2013


Interesting. Went shopping at the discount supermarket Netto, and that only since it is located conveniently around the corner from our mc-garage. And what does one find? See picture. Happy Sunday night, everyone!

TLC for Signorina Pasolina

December 3, 2012

On Saturday morning there was not chance for having a lie-in. We booked a time with Janne in Arboga at Italian Bike Center for the Red Lady, also known as Signorina Pasolina. Read more about her and her owner on their blog.

Yes, it was this winter-dark at 9am when we set off.IMAG0406

Warming up the 4-wheeled vehicle…


On the road!




Freezing at about 8 Celsius minus. Nothing an Italian lady prefers…


… not even with a pretty white coat…


Thankfully she was allowed to enter the warm garage shortly after that. A warm garage and good company of quite a few other Ducatis and a Laverda awaited her.

Will they exchange stories with each other? Well, if so, us human beings will never know. We just hope to get her back in a week or two, and that the stories she shared with the fellow patients at Janne will give her sweet dreams which help her getting through the winter under her blanket in our rather cold garage.

Oh yes, she needs to get a proper service, including overhauling her clutch system which is kind of behaving a bit strange. In case you wondered.

Autumn time = garage sessions starting!

November 4, 2012

Here in Sweden it is getting November cold and wet by now. OK – you can get the bikes still out, with the right equipment and providing you (and your bike) have a lot of will power. The summer here is not worth mentioning, not sure if it even qualifies as summer, coming to think of all that rain coming down on us. But hey, that’s life. Anyway, my beauties are now safely stored in the warm garage, carbs emptied, batteries charged and wheels given the right amount of air. Time to see what needs to be checked and replaced until the season starts again next May. The first garage session of the autumn/ winter season we had today, quite therapeutic, means nice and quiet.


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