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Riding In History’s Footsteps

August 19, 2010

From Leipzig we followed some gorgeous new and smooth country roads to Gera, and from there to Hof, crossing not only the old German-German border but also traveling a stretch on a racetrack! The Schleizer Dreieck as it is called is Germany’s oldest natural racetrack, the first races took place in 1923.  We travelled on the westbound part of that triangle, the one that is part of the B2-road.

As usual it was much more interesting to go country roads than Autobahn. However, we did have a stretch of nice Autobahn on the A93 which we entered when we came past Hof. Not too many cars, not too many idiots on the road either. And we passed through one of the most traditional German China-areas – China in terms of porcelain. Names like Selb, Weiden and Arzberg popped up on the road signs.

In general this was a really nice riding day, not too warm and not too cold. Having left the A93, the B15 took us down to a small village South of Landshut, called Hohenpolding, where we stayed in a luxurious room at Gasthaus Linde. “Gasthaus” means as much as guest house with a pub or restaurant. 60 Euro a night including breakfast for both of us. Gorgeous dinner we had, too – and I reckon we needed that, because this was the night where Germany was defeated by the Spaniards in the semi-final of the football world championship. We witnessed that, sitting tucked into blankets in the back garden together with a few other guests and the landlords, comforting ourselves with great German wine and beer. Yes, there is even great German wine, just it rarely leaves the country and won’t be found on shelves in English supermarkets, Swedish Systembolaget and the likes. The name of the landlord couple who runs this Gasthaus is “Rauschhuber” – another indication that we entered Bavarian turf, since there are traditionally lots of names that end on “Huber”.

Filling up some oil before setting off southbound. This is in front of our hotel.

The next day should take us further into Bavaria, into Austria, and then over the Alps. That was the plan.

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