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Verona Calda

August 24, 2010

The road from Parona down to Verona, view from our balcony.

It was not  much Italian I learnt during this trip, but some words just stick. And in this case definitely “calda” – hot. It was hot and everyone was complaining about the “caldo” (heat).

Verona as a city would have even matched the expression “serra calda” – a hot conservatory – since it was about 34 degrees Celsius plus and, not at last thanks to the river Adige going right through it, also very humid. We could practically stand still outside the hotel in the shadow and one felt the water coming out of ones pores. First we thought, ah, us Northern people, we cannot bear anything. But since the Italians also complained and obviously suffered, we got a bit of comfort that way.

Now that I complained enough about the weather, let’s get to the nice stuff!

Parking in front of the hotel, view from the balcony.

We understood immediately that latest here in Verona, Italian riding is required. For one thing it was good to get out the old filtering skills and be ready to whizz past a queue of cars if necessary – but cautiously, since quite some cars attempted to do the same. So there were indeed a couple of close situations for us. Secondly, Italian riding in this weather meant stuffing the leather suit, and riding in jeans and shirt instead, just keeping gloves and helmet. Quite a new feeling. Helmet is a must, gloves you wear because you want to. In case you come closer to the ground than you wish for.

The river Adige, view from our balcony.

One day we went by bus into town and were patiently waiting for the big taxi as I like to call it – sweating away of course. Then you saw all the ladies and gents passing on their little scooters, wearing nothing but bathing suits and a towel around the body, heading for Lake Garda which is quite close. That was the only time where I wished for having my scooter back….

We also went one night to the Opera by motorcycle – all the way along the river into downtown Verona, from Parona, which is North of Verona. There we stayed in Hotel Brennero, which had decent prices of around 75 Euro a night for both of us. They offer comfortable rooms and facilities, we could even get our washing done. Parona was about a 10 minutes’ ride away from Verona.

We avoided this one, though...

Downtown Verona was filled with tourists, but not too badly, although early July is quite a holiday season. We enjoyed the sights as much as possible, but did not move around a lot. It was simply too hot. In the evening after about 7pm it was kind of bearable, then everyone went out for food and entertainment, and so did we.

Food was as expected great – even a simple “salata mista” (mixed salad) just tasted great. It is a difference if ingredients travelled a long distance till they reach the plate of someone, or if one gets served naturally ripened and good veggies not far from where they grew.

We of course also had to taste the Pizza one night – and even that one was a different quality. We did  not feel totally stuffed like Christmas turkeys afterwards. Good ingredients again. The red wine served was also more than alright ;). But there were other guests at one restaurant who sadly did not enjoy their trip as much as we did. And I don’t think it was down to the fact that they were not motorcycle travelling 😉 .

So one night I was once again glad that I did not have to out myself as German, since some country fellow of mine at the neighbour desk were just embarrassing. They had the most gorgeous food in front of them, and yet the faces were mildly phrased somewhat sceptical while having their meal. And then, when it came to paying the bill, every detail was looked at – just to avoid that one would “betrayed” over a Euro or more. “One is after all in Italy, and one knows a bit about it, ya’ know, all that mafia-methods and so on… .” They did not say that, but that’s how they came across. The waitress patiently explained the items on the bill and looked into the open, with that certain “mamma mia”-expression in her eyes. All was fine in the end. But stereotype fulfilled. Unfortunately.

The Opera nights deserve a little extra post, therefore now some more Verona pictures to enjoy.

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