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The Moto Guzzi Museum in Mandello

September 6, 2010

One could safely state that the Moto Guzzi factory and museum in Mandello is the Mecca for all Guzzisti worldwide. And us Swedes are lucky enough to have it on the same continent, which makes it kind of easier to take your bike down to it’s birthplace.

Although – who took whom down to Mandello? We like to think, we ride our two-wheeled travel companions there. But I had a feeling, the closer we got to Mandello, was it really me showing the bike where it comes from, or is it rather the bike taking me to the nice places? Telling me “Look, this is how beautiful it is down here. What are we doing in that cold country up North where one can ride only six months at the maximum? Wouldn’t it be a great idea to come back to my place and live here? You surely noticed the way I roll in the mountains is kind of my natural way to move? In other words, I am built for this type of area, how about you?”

Well, listen to your companion when you take it to the factory. Would be interesting to know what you feel or felt.

I shut up now and just share a bunch of nice pictures with you.

Surprisingly enough, they did not have all models ever produced at the museum. The second bike I own, a V50 III, was for example not on display, and other visitors we met agreed that the collection is not complete.

So search your sheds and chalets, maybe you could donate a model they are still missing on their 90-years anniversary next year ;).

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