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Quick note on yesterday’s luxury day.

May 24, 2012

Summer is here! We were even lucky enough this year to have had some really nice weather on 1st of May, when the season officially kicked off. Usually the weather on that day sucks completely…

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take out both bikes. Elisa (Imola) to and from work in Linköping (about 90 km altogether) and Hugo (v50) for an evening spin (about 60km). Luxury!! It was also great to really feel the difference between these bikes. Elisa, more sporty bike but weaker engine; Hugo, more touring and easily maneuvered with a stronger engine. So I reckon I might even take Hugo out to the Guzzi Club Springtime Meetup this weekend, since he will keep up better in speed with Swedephotog’s Ducati ST2 . Plus he deserves a longer ride since he spent a lot of time in the garage. It would be actually nice to combine Elisa’s sportiness with some more horsepower. So, maybe a Guzzi LeMans as next family member? Or the new Thruxton…

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