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Almost emergency time in the garage.

April 27, 2016

Now it is end of April!

Which in Sweden means that the season for motorcycles officially starts on 1st of May. May it rain or shine, or buckets of hail coming down – the season starts.

That also means, that the winter is now almost officially over (doesn’t feel like it yet, but it is not May yet either, so there is hope…a bit…). And that means that you should have had enough time to get your bike and gear in tip-top-shape for the 2016- season.


Well. Maybe. Half of our garage is (hopefully) rideable – my bikes Elisa and Hugo. Hugo I test rode, and he even endured the down-pour of rain we went into during this short 2k test run – without switching of his lights, not wanting to start or other stuff. Even the shock absorbers proved to work as expected!

On Hugo I have the old Koni or now Ikon shock absorbers which you actually fill with air – with the same air compressor you use for your tires. Interesting, I know.

So Hugo seems to be ready, if he doesn’t set his mind to something else. Elisa usually is ready, and I hope that this year won’t be an exception.

We are soon to find out!


Estrella lady, though, she is not quite ready yet. Her carburetor (handily enough just one and relatively easy to mount, as I understood from Mikko) still need to be cleaned, and a general test ride has to be taken once she is dressed again (sorry for the naked pic, thankfully enough, bikes don’t read blogs. otherwise they would probably stop working out of protest more often. Or not, if they are the celebrity characters 😉  ).

However, even she should be ready to go at some point soon! P1020555


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