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Elisa’s summer premier

June 25, 2016

The weather and Summer in Sweden has been great on average until now. Mainly quite decent summer temperatures.

So the reason why Elisa only came out this weekend is more due to a lack of time.

We did a summer excursion to Rejmyre today, to the old glass factory and the small shops around there.

It is a round trip of just below 100km, and that probably because we also went to Hultsbruk outside Norrköping on the way back. One more place that one otherwise only passes, but never visits. Part of the “I can always do that but then never get around doing it”- syndrome.
Apart from a halfway famous blacksmith workshop that specialises in axes, they also have nice trekking paths up there. I even saw someone with climbing equipment.

Check it out for yourself some time.

Anyhow, Elisa passes on her regards to you:




This is what always fits into a decently sized bumbag and tankbag:


More pictures from the glas factory area, and their shop (dangerous territory for several reasons):




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