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A day in Güstrow

September 18, 2016

Last weekend we spent in Güstrow – gorgeous summer weather, although it already was September.

We rode into town, bought som motor oil for Signorina Pasolina and walked around town. Unlike in Sweden, shops close at the latest at 1pm, so there wasn’t a huge shopping opportunity for us. Probably good, since the luggage couldn’t take a lot more than we already had.

They have a gorgeous castle and a very nice old town. These parts being largely renovated.
There is lots of history to discover, from the 30-years-war and earlier to the Napoleonic war.

Later, we went towards the train station, and then one got an impression of the not so touristy-like parts of the town. Lots of unrenovated and abandoned buildings, which tell their history and the history of the region before the Berlin wall came down.

Fascinating and almost a bit scary as well that more than 25 years later there still is part of the old spirit from back than left.

img_20160910_121310The old train authority’s building, close to the train station.

img_20160910_121514Definitely scary – the election propaganda poster of Germany’s total right wing party NPD.

One also finds fun stuff, though, like the “Mut Institut”! In German it means institute of courage, and indeed the institution is all about helping people (re)gaining their self-confidence. However, in Swedish translation it becomes “institute of bribery” 😉 .


Yes, we love languages and travelling.

And yes, for everyone asking “why are you not on the way down to Mandello?” – here is the answer: We were visiting an area and town that apparently is called “Tuscany of the North”.


We’ll definitely be back. That’s for sure.

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