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Back towards the North

January 15, 2011

Now it is time for the final post on our summer holidays 2010 – about time I’d say… I did not expect that it takes me that long to post everything.

Anyway, there were two last legs. Number one was just above 600 km from Neuenstadt am Kocher to Quakenbrück, after two nice days with our friends there, and another fruitless attempt to repair Swedephotog’s clutch. We knew we have to stand that probably until the end of our journey.

This stretch up to Northern Germany we did in one go, almost all the way on Autobahn. And guess what, on that day the temperature was more than bearable! The famous “Kasseler Berge” felt like a walk in the park and were in fact very enjoyable, in comparison with the Splügen Pass definitely.

So we whizzed Northbound, visiting my family. Another anecdote there. During the entire time of travel I was always careful not to catch a sunburn anywhere. Not that fun when one has to squeeze into a leather suit. Guess who fell asleep in the sun then and caught the most gorgeous sunburn on the legs? Yep, me. Man, did that hurt when pulling oneself into the leathers. And even now in January I can still spot the marks… 😀

After a couple of days in Northern Germany, Quakenbrück and Wilhelmshaven, leg two started. In two days with a stopover in Majbölle, Denmark, we went back mostly on small roads through Northern Germany and Denmark to Sweden. Mastering the challenge of Swedephotog’s broken clutch (the traffic lights in Neumünster were not our friends) and – rain. Yes, you read it, rain. It started already when crossing the Elbe by ferry at Glückstadt/Wischhafen (recommendable alternative way to Autobahn!) and we had it pretty soon again next day as soon as we came a bit past Ljungby in Southern Sweden. First we had to put the rain gear on because it was to cold (!!) otherwise, and then we also got wet. And even wetter, since the entire way from Jönköping up to Norrköping seemed to be swallowed by fat rain clouds.

But we were glad! So glad that apart from minor things (and we decided to let the clutch be a minor thing since one could drive with it) we had some great holidays, with no break downs and no further repairs or what not. And weatherwise, well, we really had quite a range, but mostly it was what summer should be like. Hot and sunny.

Home again - wet, but hey, who cares?!

Here is our route again, in case you’d like to check out the last stretch we went.

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