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The Swedish Guzzi Club turned 40!

January 16, 2011

Last year that was. But that does not mean we are our of the anniversary mood. It was too good for that, and finally I manage to post a few impressions.

It was the last weekend of August when we celebrated the 40th birthday of the Swedish Moto Guzzi Club. Quite an international event it was, with visitors from Finland, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland and Germany.

Here some pictures, some of them will have seen them already on Facebook.

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Really great people were there. Like i.e. the crazy peeps of the  Finnish club  😀 which

was really enjoyable, and we hope to be able to visit them next year on their turf. May I just mention that I love their blue Guzzi club logo?? There must be a way to get a T-shirt, blue is after all one of my favourite colours 😉 .

Then there was also Giorgio di Marco and of course we did not miss the opportunity to get his book “Northern Feelings”, signed by the master himself.

And Elisa? Well, she met her friend the little red v50 Monza again, which also lives together with his owner in Norrköping. And then there were lots of other Guzzis, but also a greatly renovated BSA that a Danish guy decided to take with him.

So many great people and so many great bikes, that’s how one could summarize that weekend. Thanks to all of you who made it a really special couple of days!

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