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Hugo is ready to roll!

April 3, 2011

Please meet Hugo!

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You may now congratulate him on his Swedish citizenship! Means he passed his first Swedish MOT last week on Thursday. He enjoyed being test ridden by two gentlemen of the Swedish MOT station we went to. And these two clearly did as well, it seemed.

Hugo’s motorcycle life until now was in the UK, until I threw in a bid on ebay, originally only looking for parts for Elisa…. And then one day last year in March there was the message “You have won item XXX!” OK! Let’s arrange for transport then 🙂 Which I did, and thanks to Mark Jennings services all went really smooth.

The next step then was looking for a headlight suitable for European traffic, and a tachometer counting kilometers, not miles. I found both at Teo Lamers in the Netherlands.

And then it still took some time to get all this fixed, by which time Swedish winter had arrived. On the way of checking and repairing, like i.e. installing a new gel battery, I also managed to fuck up the rectifier by pure stupidity…. But luckily even that can be found on the interweb, with Carsten Tiedemann in Germany in this case. He rides an old MZ-lady. Veeery pretty as far as I could judge by the picture he sent over.

Things left to do for Hugo are now changing to new tyres, Avon Roadracer ones are already ordered with Däckstallet here in Sweden. These I already have on Elisa and the road holding is great in all weathers. I think the rear tyre on Hugo is still the original Metzler one from 1983….

Ah yes, and then today, after having taken the pictures above, the center stand decided to break… So I either get it fixed or I try to hunt down a new one. Tips on where there is one to find are greatly appreciated :)!

Well, I hope that will be all before we can really enjoy the season to the full!

Update 5th of April: A nice surprise! After having sorted out the insurance and registered him today with the authorities as an active motorcycle, I found out that I do not have to pay any road tax for Hugo! He is 30 years old this year, and mc’s from that age don’t pay road tax in Sweden! How effing great is that?! I mean, he only has just above 22.000 km on the clock…

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