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Swedish spring clearout

April 11, 2011

A proper Swedish spring clearout can sometimes even contain old motorcycles.

This little one is currently standing in the yard at my workplace in Linköping. A “Rödqvarna” manufactured at Husqvarna motorcycles between 1951 and 1953, if I am not mistaken.

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“Rödqvarna” means as much as “red qvarna” (qvarna from Hus-qvarna), and the name results from the typical red colour of that type of the bike.

At that time it was one of the small affordable bikes people had as a means of transport for going to work, one can imagine the gents pottering off with it, a work day at the factory ahead, a bit like you sometimes can see in old movies.

This specific bike was sitting in a restaurant on the wall, as part of their decoration, and that since the 70’s, if I understood the owner right. So now it was time for redecorating and the bike was up for sale. It will hopefully go to a good home with someone restaurating it, and not slaughtering it for parts.

As you can see it definitely needs a good amount of TLC, but it is not in such a bad shape. So maybe some day it will start like this one, probably even better.

Sounds quite nice, doesn’t it?

As you can imagine, I was tempted to buy it as a restauration object, I even made the loved one go with me for taking another look. But it is quite a job to do, and I know I won’t have the time (and money) for it in the near future. Especially not considering that my current bikes need enough TLC in order to keep them running well during the season. So I left this project for another lucky person. But it is cute…

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