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Pistonhead Open #3 at Kjula Dragway

June 28, 2015

It was one of these motor weekends. One day trying to fix a bike, and the next day taking the other one to actually go and see some races. But hell, which one to pick?? There was a mini bike racing weekend on in Södertälje, just South of Stockholm. Then, closest, was the Swedish Championship in Roadracing, in Linköping. And then there was Dragracing at Kjula Dragway, close to Eskilstuna. Well, Kjula it became – and it was a lovely ride up from Norrköping, via twisty roads via Hälleforsnäs. In today’s sunny summer weather a real pleasure to ride!

Up in Kjula, we spent the afternoon watching cars and bikes battling on the strip . Always an amazing experience. Here are some pictures from today’s races, please follow the link.




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