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An all new Hugo!

January 9, 2016

Ladies and gentleman, please welcome the all new “back to the roots” Hugo!


The garage winter 2014/2015 was mostly spent on tweaking and fixing some more bits on Hugo, my Moto Guzzi v50 III.

He got both, an all new indicator unit complete with cables as well as a new throttle grip unit, including a new starter button and cables.

Since the tank had to be removed anyway and since the budget miraculously wasn’t blown altogether yet, the thought of getting the tank repainted to original colour popped into my mind.

When I found an original sticker set for the tank with Teo Lamers, the decision was made. Painting tank and side panels in the original colour it was to be!

Off I went, getting offers from local companies. In the end, I decided for our much loved car workshop Zackrisson, who apparently do very decent paint jobs as well. They loved to have a motorcycle tank for a change! (They paint mc-tanks otherwise as well, but they do not advertise, therefore not having this type of job as a regular thing).

Now, what colour was the original?! Well, on that matter the community on Facebook and there specifically the group of v50 lovers was of huge help. “Could be Fiat grey”, someone wrote. OK, off I went, googling and checking Fiat grey. There are different nuances, and it has to be from the year when Hugo was built. He was built 1981, according to what it says on his frame, and so I went for Fiat silver with code 620, which got used between 1979 and 1982. (Another site I found is, useful when searching for colours.)

The paint job was beautifully done by Jim, and that at a very decent price.


This is how Hugo looked before, with his homestyle painted blue tank and side panels.


I think he enjoys his new looks, since he has been working (touch wood) relatively flawless since the make-over. He passed the MOT in the beginning of November, without a problem. It is by the way always fun to see that staff at the MOT coming back from a test tour with a sparkle in their eyes and a happy smile 😉 .

Let’s hope that he likes to travel this summer!

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