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A bit of bike history!

April 29, 2016

When I went to the garage for cleaning and polishing shoes, helmet and also the front fairings of the bikes, I decided to put the sticker of the UK Moto Guzzi club into Hugo’s tax disc holder. His last tax disc is from 2009, and he has been living in Sweden since 2010. And in Sweden we do not have tax discs. ¬†Which also means that he is registered as a motorcycle, and not as a bicycle, as the UK-authorities insist on… Time for a change.

To my surprise, there was not only the latest tax disc in the holder, but the ones for quite some years back!



It is very interesting to see where he has been during the years, and he has been around for quite a bit:
1992 he was living in Cambridge, according to the stamp on the tax disk.
2002 he was living in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire.
2003 he moved South again, to Bulkington, Warwickshire, where he lived until 2007.
In 2008 he moved to Camblesforth, Selby, North Yorkshire, where he reportedly lived on a farm close to the big power plant.

Well, yes, and in March 2010 I imported him to Sweden ūüėÄ

I love it when one still learns more about a bike. After all these years ;-).


Helmet care

April 28, 2016

Helmet care can be so easy!

No special products are necessarily needed. All you need for gently removing insects and dirt, is a decent amount of Johnson Pledge!

Yep, you read it, classic furniture polish will do. Simple is best. And it also smells quite alright. At least my otherwise so sensitive nose confirms that.


Tip for everyone getting his or her gear ready for the season.

Almost emergency time in the garage.

April 27, 2016

Now it is end of April!

Which in Sweden means that the season for motorcycles officially starts on 1st of May. May it rain or shine, or buckets of hail coming down – the season starts.

That also means, that the winter is now almost officially over (doesn’t feel like it yet, but it is not May yet either, so there is hope…a bit…). And that means that you should have had enough time to get your bike and gear in tip-top-shape for the 2016- season.


Well. Maybe. Half of our garage is (hopefully) rideable – my bikes Elisa and Hugo. Hugo I test rode, and he even endured the down-pour of rain we went into during this short 2k test run – without switching of his lights, not wanting to start or other stuff. Even the shock absorbers proved to work as expected!

On Hugo I have the old Koni or now Ikon shock absorbers which you actually fill with air Рwith the same air compressor you use for your tires. Interesting, I know.

So Hugo seems to be ready, if he doesn’t set his mind to something else. Elisa usually is ready, and I hope that this year won’t be an exception.

We are soon to find out!


Estrella lady, though, she is not quite ready yet. Her carburetor (handily enough just one and relatively easy to mount, as I understood from Mikko) still need to be cleaned, and a general test ride has to be taken once she is dressed again (sorry for the naked pic, thankfully enough, bikes don’t read blogs. otherwise they would probably stop working out of protest more often. Or not, if they are the celebrity characters ūüėČ ¬†).

However, even she should be ready to go at some point soon! P1020555


Stormrider – Elisa travelled…

January 10, 2016

… to Northern Germany!

This summer’s tour was through Denmark down to Wilhelmshaven, visiting my family. Occasion: Dad turned 80!

Since we were late with booking the overnight ferry from Gothenburg to Kiel and prices therefore were astronomically high, we decided to ride more or less the entire way, taking the ferry from Gothenburg to Fredrikshavn in Northern Denmark.


A bit after Aalborg we found nice places to stay ( is your friend), both on the way out and return.


What was really awkward, and at times frightening, on my part, and on the way out, were the exceptional strong winds throughout more or less entire Denmark.

We got the wind sideways from the front towards us, and I experienced for the first time something one could call “storm riding”. The front of the bike nipped away¬†quite a few times, and it was impossible to go any faster than 70km/h. Not a great feeling exactly when you have a heavy lorry thundering behind you, which¬†one then definitely lets pass, out of fear that one might end up under it… . ¬†So Denmark felt like riding a right turn all the way down to Germany, where the weather got better.
I reckon this was also the first time I wished for a somewhat more heavy bike and for a few more kilos in flesh and bones on myself.

Mind you, it wasn’t warm either, raining at times, and wearing the floppy rain suit because of that added to the feeling that one was a speedy Windjammer rather than a motorcyclist… Oh, yes, we are talking the first weekend in August, in case you wondered! Summer, ya know…

Eventually we arrived in Wilhelmshaven and had some great days with the family, celebrating Dad. He is also very fond of two-wheelers, since a very young age, so us arriving on our bikes was quite something for him.


Elisa’s travel companion is by the way Carlo, a Moto Guzzi California 2 from 1987.

Since it is tradition that the local priest visits when one of the community members turns 80,  we got a visitor that day. Our priest, though, is not just any priest. He loves motorcycles and rides to his services on his beloved Honda CB 750 from the nineties, and he rode visiting us that day. How surprised he was to find some more enhusiasts! Elisa and Carlo even got blessed, which all of us thought was quite kind, and we took it as a good omen for the way back.

On the way back we took a route slightly more eastwards. The winds were as strong, though. However, they came at us¬†in a slightly more favourable position, so one didn’t have the feeling that one would take off the asphalt any second.

Riding¬†was hard work once more, in mixed weather with rain, but much warmer! Back in Sweden we all of a sudden finally had summer weather – from J√∂nk√∂ping onwards all the way home. And that in itself is remarkable, since it usually always rains from J√∂nk√∂ping and Northbound when we pass there…


This is our route: Outwards via the west coast, a Eastern route on the way back.

An all new Hugo!

January 9, 2016

Ladies and gentleman, please welcome the all new “back to the roots” Hugo!


The garage winter 2014/2015 was mostly spent on tweaking and fixing some more bits on Hugo, my Moto Guzzi v50 III.

He got both, an all new indicator unit complete with cables as well as a new throttle grip unit, including a new starter button and cables.

Since the tank had to be removed anyway and since the budget miraculously wasn’t blown altogether yet, the thought of getting the tank repainted to original colour popped into my mind.

When I found an original sticker set for the tank with Teo Lamers, the decision was made. Painting tank and side panels in the original colour it was to be!

Off I went, getting offers from local companies. In the end, I decided for our much loved car workshop Zackrisson, who apparently do very decent paint jobs as well. They loved to have a motorcycle tank for a change! (They paint mc-tanks otherwise as well, but they do not advertise, therefore not having this type of job as a regular thing).

Now, what colour was the original?! Well, on that matter the community on Facebook and there specifically the group of v50 lovers was of huge help. “Could be Fiat grey”, someone wrote. OK, off I went, googling and checking Fiat grey. There are different nuances, and it has to be from the year when Hugo was built. He was built 1981, according to what it says on his frame, and so I went for Fiat silver with code 620, which got used between 1979 and 1982. (Another site I found is, useful when searching for colours.)

The paint job was beautifully done by Jim, and that at a very decent price.


This is how Hugo looked before, with his homestyle painted blue tank and side panels.


I think he enjoys his new looks, since he has been working (touch wood) relatively flawless since the make-over. He passed the MOT in the beginning of November, without a problem. It is by the way always fun to see that staff at the MOT coming back from a test tour with a sparkle in their eyes and a happy smile ūüėČ .

Let’s hope that he likes to travel this summer!

Pistonhead Open #3 at Kjula Dragway

June 28, 2015

It was one of these motor weekends. One day trying to fix¬†a bike, and the next day taking the other one to actually go and see some races. But hell, which one to pick?? There was a mini bike racing weekend on in S√∂dert√§lje, just South of Stockholm. Then, closest, was the Swedish Championship in Roadracing, in Link√∂ping. And then there was Dragracing at Kjula Dragway, close to Eskilstuna. Well, Kjula it became – and it was a lovely ride up from Norrk√∂ping, via twisty roads via H√§lleforsn√§s. In today’s sunny summer weather a real pleasure to ride!

Up in Kjula, we spent¬†the afternoon watching cars and bikes battling¬†on the strip . Always an amazing experience. Here are some pictures from today’s races, please follow the link.



A blog for Hugo!

February 27, 2015

The boyfriend found today a really nice and well written blog about someone restoring a Moto Guzzi V50. The Moto Guzzi V50 Café Racer Рfollow the link and read more about the restoring project. A blog for Hugo? Yep, Hugo is my V50III, that also still needs a lot of TLC.